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Election Centre
Current and past elections from across the Caribbean
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Current news on elections, democracy, and politics
Education Centre
Voter education for public, students, and teachers
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Country information, biographies, reading room
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Books on elections democracy, politics, and development
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Background and contact Information on Caribbean Elections
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Caribbean Elections
Election Centre
Dominica 2014 General Election
Information and resources on the 8 December 2014 General Election in Dominica. Vist the CE Dominica Election Centre »
11 September 2014
Antigua Election 2014
Antigua & Barbuda
12 June 2014
Barbados Election 2013
Barbados Election
21 February 2013
Grenada Election 2013
Grenada Election
19 February 2013
St. Kitts & Nevis - 2015
Guyana - 11 May 2015
Caribbean Elections Today
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Women in Caribbean Politics
Caribbean Electoral Systems
Caribbean Political Parties
Learn more about the West Indies Federation
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Caribbean Studies
International Politics
Gaston Browne
Donaldson Romeo
Donaldson ROMEO
Reuben Meade
Reuben MEADE
Dr. Rodney Williams
Caribbean Leaders
Download Fact Sheet on Election Dates in the Caribbean
Download Antigua and Barbuda 2015 Budget Statement
Download Antigua and Barbuda Throne Speech 2015
Download Grenada 2015 Budget Statement
Download St. Kitts and Nevis 2015 Budget Statement
Download British Virgin Islands 2015 Budget Address
Download Trinidad and Tobago 2015 Budget Statement
Download Turks and Caicos Islands 2014 Budget Address
Download Dominica 2014 Budget Address
Download Cayman Islands 2014/15 Budget Statement
Download The Bahamas 2014 Budget Communication
Download St. Lucia 2014 Budget Statement
Download Guyana 2014 Budget Statement
Download Montserrat 2014 Budget Statement
Download Bermuda 2014 Budget Statement
Download Anguilla 2014 Budget Statement
Download St. Vincent and the Grenadines 2014 Budget Statement
Download Barbados Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals for 2013
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Caribbean Elections
Caribbean Elections provides comprehensive information on the electoral process, politics, and citizenship in the Caribbean. This portal includes election data and resources for the public, teachers, students, and researchers.
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