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Barbados General Election Results - 24 May 2018
General elections were held in Barbados on 24 May 2018 for all 30 seats in the House of Assembly using a first-past-the-post system.

Electoral System

The 30 members of the House of Assembly are elected in single-member constituencies by first-past-the-post voting. There was no fixed election date in effect in Barbados at this time; hence, the choice of election date is the prerogative of the Prime Minister.


The Barbados parliament automatically dissolved pursuant to the constitution on Monday, 5 March 2018 without Prime Minister Freundel Stuart announcing a date for general elections.

On 26 April 2018, Prime Minister Stuart announced that elections would be held on Thursday, 24 May 2018 in a brief statement released by the Barbados Government Information Service. Nomination Day was set for Monday, 7 May 2018,

Political Parties & Candidates

The 2018 election has attracted a record number of parties and candidates. A total of 134 candidates were nominated to contest the election on 7 May 2018 - Nomination Day. The ruling Freundel Stuart led Democratic Labour Party (DLP), and the opposition Mia Mottley led Barbados Labour Party (BLP) have both announced their full slates of 30 candidates each. The new Solutions Barbados (SB), led by Grenville Phillips II, has announced a slate of 26 candidates, whereas the United Progressive Party (UPP), led by former BLP Cabinet Minister Lynette Eastmond is presenting a slate of 23 candidates.

The People's Democratic Congress (PDC), led by Mark Adamson has announced three candidates. Its partner in the Coalition of United Parties (CUP), the Bajan Free Party (BFP), led by Alex Mitchell is presenting three candidates; and the Kingdom Government of Barbados (KGB), led by Steve Hunte, is presenting one candidate. The Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) is contesting an election for the first time and is being led by Neil Holder with a total of eight candidates. BIM joined CUP just prior to Polling Day. There will also be eight independent candidates.

There are 36 women and 98 men contesting the 2018 election. For the first time, two political parties, the BLP and UPP are being led in an election by women.

Election Campaign

The DLP's handling of the economy over its two terms in office was one of the major issues in the campaign. Weak growth in the economy following the 2009 global financial crisis has continued to put strains on Barbados’ public debt, pressuring foreign exchange reserves and helping to spark repeated downgrades of the island’s credit rating. Many voters expressed frustration at the party’s failure to reduce debt and the cost of living even as their taxes rose. In addition, there was growing concern and adverse publicity and cancelled bookings stemming from a collapsing sewage system on the south coast of the island - one of the main tourist areas.

Mottley’s BLP, whose campaign begun in earnest at the start of 2018, attacked Stuart's DLP over taxation and the cost of living, pledging to provide regular garbage collection, more buses for public transportation, and repair potholed roads.


The Barbados Labour Party (BLP) has won a resounding mandate from the electorate of Barabdos winning all 30 of the seats in the Barbados House of Assembly following the 24 May 2018 General Election. The BLP, led by 52-year-old attorney and former Leader of the Opposition, Mia Mottley, will form the next government in Barbados with Ms. Mottley becoming Barbados’ eight Prime Minister and the first woman the hold the post.

As counting continued into the early hours of Friday morning, due to delays in the start of the official count, Prime Minister and Political Leader of the incumbent Democratic Labour Party (DLP) conceded defeat. Prime Minister-designate Mottley delivered her victory speech just before 4 a.m. Mottley indicated that an immediate priority would be the appointment of a Cabinet by Monday.  At the final campaign rally on Wednesday night, Ms. Mottley identified St. Joseph Member of Parliament Dale Marshal as he new Attorney General, if the party was successful in the election.  She also indicated that St. Michael South East MP Santia Bradshaw would become the Leader of Government Business in the new House of Assembly.

The 2018 election now goes into history as the first election in the post-independence era of Barbados with a clean sweep of seats by a single political party. As a result, for there will be no Opposition in the House of Assembly. Prior to this the largest majorities were the 26:2 victory for the BLP in the 1999 election, and the 24:3 win in favour of the DLP in 1986.

The new House of Assembly will also boast the largest number of women Members of Parliament. There will be six women - up from one in the previous House. Newcomers Marsha Caddle, Sandra Husbands, and Dr. Sonia Browne will join Mia Mottley, Cynthia Forde, and Santia Bradshaw.

Other first-time representatives entering the House will be Kirk Humphrey, who defeated Prime Minister Stuart; Neil Holder who defeated Finance Minister Christopher Sincker; Ian Gooding-Edhill, Adrian Forde, Ralph Thorne, Ryan Straughn, Wilfred Abrahams, Indar Weir, John King, Charles Griffith, Colin Jordan, and Peter Phillips. They will be joined by Dr. William Duguid and Joseph Atherley who served in previous Parliaments.

The 2018 election featured a record 135 candidates from nine political parties, and a record 37 women candidates.  The Barbados Electoral and Boundaries Commission reported that 255,833 persons were registered to vote in an election where Commonwealth citizens were allowed to vote for the first time.

At 12.25 p.m on 25 May 2018, Governor-General, Dame Sandra Mason, swore Mottley into the office. For the first time in its history, both the Governor-General and Prime Minister are women.

Dale Marsall was also sworn in as Attorney General on 25 May 2018. This is the second occassion on which Marshall will hold the post.

Voter Turnout

Voter turnout was approximately 60%.


On 26 May 2018, Prime Minister Mottley announced her 26-member Cabinet. In addition, two Parliamentary Secretaries and two Special Ambassadors who can attend Cabinet meetings were announced. In her announcement, the Prime Minister iindicated that the Cabinet was relatively large because of the mandate received, the scope of the work to be done, and the level of expertise available among elected members. The new Cabinet include seven women, the highest number ever to serve at that level, surpassing the women in the 1994 and 2008 Cabinet of Prime Minister Own Arthur. The Cabinet was sworn in on 27 May 2018.

First-time Member of Parliament, attorney at law, Arthur Holder, will be Speaker of the House of Assembly, while Deputy Speaker will be Gline Clarke, and Dr Sonia Browne, another first-timer, will be Chairman of Committees.

Former minister in a 1990s Barbados Labour Party administration, Sir Richard Cheltenham QC, will be the new President of the Senate, and his deputy will be another former BLP minister, Rudolph “Cappy” Greenidge.

On 31 May 2018,  Bishop Joseph Atherley, Member of Parliament for St Michael West, informed Prime Minister Mottley of his intention to serve in Opposition to the BLP Government. As the only member on the opposiiton benches, Atherely was sworn in as Leader of the Opposition on 1 June 2018.

Expand Map
System First-past-the-post
Elected Members 30 single-member constituencies
Total Valid Votes 153,745
Invalid Votes approx 500
Registered Voters 255,833
Voter Turnout 60.00%
Dissolution of House Mon, 5 Mar 2018
Nomination Day Mon, 7 May 2018
Polling Day Thu, 24 May 2018
First Meeting of Parliament Tue, 5 Jun 2018
  Photo Alex MITCHELL
Bajan Free Party (BFP)
  Photo Neil HOLDER
Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM)
  Photo Mia A. MOTTLEY
Barbados Labour Party (BLP)
  Photo Freundel J. STUART
Democratic Labour Party (DLP)
  Photo Steve HUNTE
Kingdom Government of Barbados (KGB)
  Photo Mark ADAMSON
People's Democratic Congress (PDC)
  Photo Grenville PHILLIPS II
Solutions Barbados (SB)
  Photo Lynette EASTMOND
United Progressive Party (UPP)
Coalition of United Parties Independent Candidates
30 candidates 30 candidates 28 candidates 23 candidates 15 candidates 8 candidates
30 seats 0 seats 0 seats 0 seats 0 seats 0 seats
BLP 2018 Manifesto | Full | Mini | Audio Version | Youth Manifesto
DLP 2018 Manifesto
  Party Code Votes Candidates Seats
Total % votes Change Number Change
  Barbados Labour Party Winner BLP 111,968 72.83% +24.60% 30 30 +16
  Democratic Labour Party DLP 33,985 22.10% -29.20% 30 0 -16
  Solutions Barbados SB 4,188 2.72% +2.72% 28 0 -
  United Progressive Party UPP 1,965 1.28% +1.28% 23 0 -
  Coalition of United Parties CUP 580 0.38% +0.27% 15 0 -
  Independent Candidates IND 1,059 0.69% +0.33% 8 0 -
  Total Valid Votes   153,745 100% - 134 30 -
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Expand Graph Expand Graph
Expand Graph Expand Graph
Constituency   Representative Party
City of Bridgetown   BOSTIC, Jeffrey D. Barbados Labour Party
St. Michael South   HUMPHREY, Kirk Barbados Labour Party
St. Michael East   PRESCOD, Trevor A. Barbados Labour Party
St. Michael South Central   CADDLE, Marsha Barbados Labour Party
St. Michael Central   HOLDER, Arthur E. Barbados Labour Party
St. Michael South East   BRADSHAW, Santia J.O. Barbados Labour Party
St. Michael North East   MOTTLEY, Mia A. Barbados Labour Party
St. Michael North   TOPPIN, Ronald St.C Barbados Labour Party
St. Michael North West   ROWE, Neil Barbados Labour Party
St. Michael West   ATHERLEY, Joseph Barbados Labour Party
St. Michael West Central   GOODING-EDGHILL, G.P. Ian Barbados Labour Party
Christ Church West   DUGUID, William Barbados Labour Party
Christ Church West Central   FORDE, Adrian Barbados Labour Party
Christ Church South   THORNE, Ralph Barbados Labour Party
Christ Church East Central   STRAUGHN, Ryan Barbados Labour Party
Christ Church East    ABRAHAMS, Wilfred Barbados Labour Party
St. Philip North   BROWNE, Sonia Barbados Labour Party
St. Philip South   WEIR, Indar A. Barbados Labour Party
St. Philip West   KING, John Barbados Labour Party
St. George North   CLARKE, Gline A. Barbados Labour Party
St. George South   SUTHERLAND, Dwight G. Barbados Labour Party
St. John   GRIFFITH, Charles Barbados Labour Party
St. Joseph   MARSHALL, Dale D. Barbados Labour Party
St. Thomas   FORDE, Cynthia Y. Barbados Labour Party
St. James North   HINKSON, Edmund G. Barbados Labour Party
St. James South   HUSBANDS, C. Sandra Barbados Labour Party
St. James Central   SYMMONDS, Kerry D. Barbados Labour Party
St. Peter   JORDAN, Colin Barbados Labour Party
St. Andrew   PAYNE, George Walton Barbados Labour Party
St. Lucy   PHILLIPS, Peter R. Barbados Labour Party
Constituency   Candidate Party Votes %Votes
City of Bridgetown   BOSTIC, Jeffrey Davidson* winner BLP 2,781 73.63%
  WILLIAMS, Henderson Stephenson DLP 793 21.00%
  BEST, Fallon Anthony Rishie SB 76 2.01%
  EASTMOND, Lynette Victorine** UPP 63 1.67%
  NURSE, Rodney Fairfax PCP/CUP 10 0.26%
  HAREWOOD, Natalie Nicole IND 54 1.43%
St. Michael South   HUMPHREY, Kirk Duncan Matthew winner BLP 2,969 69.96%
  STUART, Freundel Jerome** DLP 1,083 26.73%
  GIBSON, Paul Ernest SB 104 2.45%
  CORBIN, Sandra Gwendolyne UPP 57 1.34%
  MITCHELL, Alex Philip BFP/CUP 31 0.73%
St. Michael East   PRESCOD, Trevor Anthony* winner BLP 3,408 71.49%
  ALLEYNE, Nicholas Horace MacDonald DLP 1,147 24.06%
  HOWELL, Betty Ann SB 108 2.27%
  FORTE, Paul Anderson UPP 47 0.99%
  YARDE, Catherine Rosalie BIM/CUP 20 0.42%
  DAISLEY, Iramar Rosie IND 37 0.78%
St. Michael South Central   CADDLE, Marsha Kelly-Ann winner BLP 2,881 67.61%
  SEALY, Richard Llewellyn* DLP 1,101 25.84%
  SPRINGER, Alan SB 81 1.90%
  GILL, David Theobald UPP 198 4.65%
St. Michael Central   HOLDER, Arthur Eugene winner BLP 2,948 73.63%
  BLACKETT, Steven DeCourcey* DLP 905 23.49%
  TOUSSAINT, Robert Winston SB 62 1.55%
  BARROW, Richard Tyrone UPP 69 1.72%
  EVELYN, Glenville McDonald BIM/CUP 20 0.50%
St. Michael South East   BRADSHAW, Santia Josette Omara* winner BLP 3,803 75.56%
  GRANT, Rodney Orlando DLP 1,099 21.84%
  BOURNE, Arlene Francina SB 105 2.09%
  PRICE, Veronica Vasealah UPP 26 0.52%
St. Michael North East   MOTTLEY, Mia Amor** winner BLP 4,553 87.17%
  TODD, Patrick Martin Tyrone DLP 500 9.57%
  STUART, Kemar Jabarry Davone SB 133 2.55%
  FRERE, Enlou Laretta BFP/CUP 37 0.71%
St. Michael North   TOPPIN, Ronald St. Clair* winner BLP 3,518 72.34%
  TUDOR, Kim Heather Dawn DLP 1,132 23.28%
  GIBBS, Angela Erlinda SB 72 1.48%
  PHILLIPS, Maria Esther UPP 99 2.04%
  ADAMSON, Mark Anthony** PDC/CUP 27 0.56%
  BISHOP, Lesloyed Lester IND 15 0.31%
St. Michael North West   ROWE, Neil Gabriel Hollis winner BLP 2,489 55.56%
  SINCKLER, Christopher Peter* DLP 1,991 44.44%
St. Michael West   ATHERLEY, Joseph Junior Sylvester winner BLP 3,214 76.82%
  CARRINGTON, Michael Anderson* DLP 838 20.68%
  TOUSSAINT, Lana Rose-Ann SB 55 1.31%
  NURSE, Patsie Morine UPP 45 1.08%
  HOLDER, Neil Antonio Alonza** BIM/CUP 32 0.76%
St. Michael West Central   GOODING-EDGHILL, George Patrick Ian winner BLP 3,291 79.19%
  PAUL, James Douglas* DLP 865 20.81%
  EDEY, Angela Marlene SB 125 3.01%
  LOWE, Herman Oral UPP 29 0.70%
  BELGRAVE, Stephen Allan BIM/CUP 46 1.11%
Christ Church West   DUGUID, William Fondleroy winner BLP 3,080 69.56%
  DePEIZA, Verla Almonte Greaves DLP 759 17.14%
  BELGRAVE, Irvin DaCosta SB 589 13.30%
Christ Church West Central   FORDE, Adrian winner BLP 3,891 74.30%
  LASHLEY, Stephen A.* DLP 1,131 21.60%
  LEWIS, Kenneth SB 170 3.25%
  RILEY, Ria UPP 45 0.86%
Christ Church South   THORNE, Ralph Anthony winner BLP 3,094 70.43%
  BOYCE, John David Edward* DLP 1,120 25.50%
  CHALBAUD, Julie Lynn SB 111 2.53%
  WILLIS, Nadja Magdeleina UPP 28 0.64%
  HUNTE, Steve Namara KGB/CUP 26 0.59%
  LARRIER, Buddy Aaron IND 14 0.32%
Christ Church East Central   STRAUGHN, Ryan winner BLP 4,062 71.19%
  JONES, Ronald D. DLP 1,334 23.38%
  WEATHERHEAD, Scott SB 217 3.80%
  DOTTIN, Ogeji UPP 93 1.63%
Christ Church East   ABRAHAMS, Wilfred Arthur winner BLP 4,432 73.92%
  LOWE, Denis Stephenson* DLP 1,350 22.52%
  WEATHERHEAD, Ann Marie Michelle SB 161 2.69%
  KNIGHT, Victor Obrian UPP 53 0.88%
St. Philip North   BROWNE, Sonia Elaine winner BLP 3,613 64.20%
  LASHLEY, Michael Andrew* DLP 2,015 35.80%
  CORBIN, Rosaline Junetta SB 203 3.61%
  NEWTON, Nigel Corval UPP 92 1.63%
St. Philip South   WEIR, Indar Anthony winner BLP 4,656 71.09%
  BRATHWAITE, Adriel Dermont* DLP 1,488 24.22%
  LORDE, Ronald Amthony SB 239 3.65%
  HENNIS, Bruce Joseph UPP 127 1.94%
  SCANTLEBURY, John Wayne BFP/CUP 39 0.60%
St. Philip West   KING, John Andrew winner BLP 4,323 66.93%
  ESTWICK, David Cleveland* DLP 1,924 29.79%
  GREENIDGE, Leighton Beresford SB 212 3.28%
St. George North   CLARKE, Gline Arley* winner BLP 4,779 80.84%
  INCE, Jepter DLP 745 12.60%
  PHILLIPS, Grenville Walter II** SB 264 4.47%
  HOLLIGAN, Everton Ricardo UPP 124 2.10%
St. George South   SUTHERLAND, Dwight Gregory* winner  BLP 5,363 79.35%
  BYER-SUCKOO, Esther Rosenna DLP 1,100 17.02%
  BANFIELD, Andrew Irwin Athelstone SB 193 2.86%
  HAREWOOD, Craig Jonathan Matthew UPP 69 1.02%
St. John   GRIFFITH, Charles McDonald winner BLP 2,983 57.90%
  PILGRIM, George Andrew DLP 1,598 31.02%
  MARTINDALE, Cherone Anita SB 86 1.67%
  GRIFFITH, Hudson Everett UPP 308 5.98%
  WENT, Derek Andre BIM/CUP 22 0.43%
  McCLEAN, Leroy Hensworth IND 155 3.01%
St. Joseph   MARSHALL, Dale Dermont* winner BLP 3,391 70.59%
  HOLDER, Dennis DeCourcey DLP 588 12.24%
  HIGHLAND, Jennifer Maxcine SB 125 2.60%
  ROUSE, Randall DaCosta IND 700 14.57%
St. Thomas   FORDE, Cynthia Yvonne* winner BLP 5,038 85.69%
  HINDS, Rolerick Marvin DLP 635 10.80%
  CORBIN, Pauline Susan SB 206 3.50%
St. James North   HINKSON, Edmund Gregory* winner BLP 3,716 83.73%
  HUSBANDS, Harcourt Allan DLP 592 13.34%
  WALDRON, David Emile SB 76 1.71%
  COBHAM, Granville MacDonald Grafton UPP 54 1.22%
St. James South   HUSBANDS, Cheryl Sandra winner BLP 4,012 68.12%
  INNISS, Donville O'Neil* DLP 1,674 29.44%
  ALLEYNE-WORRELL, Jacqueline Hazel SB 103 1.75%
  AUSTIN, Christal P. UPP 101 1.71%
St. James Central   SYMMONDS, Kerrie Drurard* winner BLP 3,577 78.20%
  CONNOLLY, George Derek DLP 733 16.03%
  CHALBAUD, Daniel Kevin SB 123 2.69%
  CALLENDER, Wendell Charles UPP 64 1.40%
  MARSHALL, Eric Ricardo PDC/CUP 28 0.61%
  JORDAN, Joseph Kenneth IND 49 1.07%
St. Peter   JORDAN, Colin Everett winner BLP 4,632 81.52%
  CUMBERBATCH, Dave Anton DLP 911 16.03%
  SCANTELBURY, Lynroy Carroll BIM/CUP 139 2.45%
St. Andrew   PAYNE, George Walton* winner BLP 3,512 74.52%
  SANDIFORD-GARNER, Virginia Irene DLP 1,045 22.93%
  POUNDER, Cherie Alethea Lenore SB 68 1.44%
  ROACHFORD, Roli Amanda UPP 53 1.12%
  POLLARD, Stephen St. Clair IND 35 0.74%
St. Lucy   PHILLIPS, Peter Ricardo winner BLP 3,959 66.37%
  KELLMAN, Denis St. Elmo* DLP 1,789 31.12%
  CARTER, John Wesley SB 121 2.03%
  GRIFFITH, Wayne Theodor UPP 69 1.16%
  ROACH, Richard Ronald BIM/CUP 27 0.45%
Constituency BLP DLP SB UPP CUP IND Total Valid
City of Bridgetown 2,781 793 76 63 10 54 3,777
St. Michael South 2,969 1,083 104 57 31 - 4,244
St. Michael East 3,408 1,147 108 47 20 37 4,767
St. Michael South Central 2,881 1,101 81 198 - - 4,261
St. Michael Central 2,948 905 62 69 20 - 4,004
St. Michael South East 3,803 1,099 105 26 - - 5,033
St. Michael North East 4,553 500 133 - 37 - 5,223
St. Michael North 3,518 1,132 72 99 27 15 4,863
St. Michael North West 2,489 1,991 - - - - 4,480
St. Michael West 3,214 838 55 45 32 - 4,184
St. Michael West Central 3,291 865 125 29 46 - 4,356
Christ Church West 3,080 759 589 - - - 4,428
Christ Church West Central 3,891 1,131 170 45 - - 5,237
Christ Church South 3,094 1,120 111 28 26 14 4,393
Christ Church East Central 4,062 1,334 217 93 - - 5,706
Christ Church East  4,432 1,350 161 53 - - 5,996
St. Philip North 3,613 2,015 203 92 - - 5,923
St. Philip South 4,656 1,488 239 127 39 - 6,549
St. Philip West 4,323 1,924 212 - - - 6,459
St. George North 4,779 745 264 124 - - 5,912
St. George South 5,363 1,100 193 69 34 - 6,759
St. John 2,983 1,598 86 308 22 155 5,152
St. Joseph 3,391 588 125 - - 700 4,804
St. Thomas 5,038 635 206 - - - 5,879
St. James North 3,716 592 76 54 - - 4,438
St. James South 4,012 1,674 103 101 - - 5,890
St. James Central 3,577 733 123 64 28 49 4,574
St. Peter 4,632 911 - - 139 - 5,682
St. Andrew 3,512 1,045 68 53 - 35 4,713
St. Lucy 3,959 1,789 121 121 69 - 6,059
Total 111,968 33,985 4,188 1,965 580 1,059 153,745
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