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Dominica Labour Party
Dr. John Collin McINTRYE*
Constituency Roseau Valley
Party Dominica Labour Party (DLP)
   Ronald CHARLES
 United Workers' Party (UWP)

Occupation: Doctor

Age: 57 (b. 18 September 1957)


St Mary’s Academy and in 1992 graduated from the Tuckegee University in Veterinary Medicine.

Work Experience:

Former Chief Veterinary Officer and former Acting Director of Agriculture; in 2005 he was appointed Senator and Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and the Environment. In 2007 he was appointed Minister for Trade, Industry, Commerce and Diaspora Affairs.

Candidate's Perspective

It has been an honour to represent you over these last five years. By visiting various areas of the constituency, I have been able to identify what is important to you and have tried to address as many of your needs as resources would allow.

Together we have made considerable progress and the foundation is now firmly laid to move forward at a more rapid pace.

You have witnessed the benefits that rebuilding the roads throughout the Roseau Valley constituency have brought to our community.

Some of Dominica’s most beautiful natural attractions are now easily accessible to our many visitors.
Our people have been given the opportunity to share in the benefits of eco-tourism and to build a better life for themselves and their children.

The world is now a very different place and self-employment will be the way of the future. I am committed during the next five years to ensuring that the people of the constituency of Roseau Valley receive the training, skills, advice and support to realize their dreams.

Whether in new tourism–related ventures, new ways to farm or other service oriented businesses I will do all in my power to create a new culture of entrepreneurship and thereby a new class of business people by tapping into the programmes that the Labour Party makes available to Dominicans.

As we look towards the future, we will continue to improve our road network so that we can exploit the potential of both community tourism and agriculture. We will, however, do so in a sustainable way so as to maintain the beauty that visitors are willing to pay to enjoy.

With the rehabilitation of the main Roseau Valley Road from Bath Estate to Laudat and into Trafalgar completed, we will focus our attention on improving the Cochrane Road, the Wotten Waven Road and the balance of the Morne Prosper Road.

A new Labour Party government will continue to support the revitalization of agriculture. I will ensure that farmers in the Roseau Valley constituency and in particularly in Cochrane and Morne Prosper continue to receive agricultural inputs, fertilizer and equipment to be better able to enhance and expand their operations.

Greater concentration will be placed on housing in the new term and I am going to do so by selecting the most appropriate materials that will withstand our unique weather conditions in the Roseau Valley constituency.
Education provides opportunities for a successful life and will continue to be the most critical means of taking people out of poverty.

I will continue to place great emphasis on tertiary education and through our foreign friends and partners provide scholarships to our young people.

As you look towards the next five years, I believe it is important that you examine the Labour Party’s plans for making your life better. You know that we already have a good record and you can expect that record to get even better. We know what has to be done. We have the experience and a clear strategy of how we are going to achieve our goals. We have been working hard for you and we will not fail you.

I ask you to vote for me, John Collin McIntyre so that I can continue to work on your behalf.

DLP = Dominica Labour Party; UWP = United Workers Party; IND = Independent Candidate; *incumbent; ** Political Leader
Electoral Office of the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica
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