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United Workers' Party
Ronald Milner GREEN
Constituency La Plaine

United Workers' Party (UWP)

   Petter SAINT-JEAN*
 Dominica Labour Party (DLP)

Occupation: Community Activist

Age: 69


B.Sc. Degree in Health and Physical Education, a Master of Arts Degree in Education

Work Experience:

Co-founder of Small Projects Assistance Team (SPAT); projects officer of the Dominica Christian Council.
President – South East Tourism Association, NGO Consultant and trainer, Manager SAGICOR South East Football Team

Political Career:

  • Minister of Education, Sports and Youth Affairs (1995-2000)
  • Leader of the Opposition
  • Member of Laplaine Village Council;
  • Member of Parliament from 1995 to 2000
  • President of UWP

Candidate's Perspective:

First and foremost, I am a community activist. I have over forty years of community service, nineteen of which was served in parliament and four and a half as a minister of parliament. My proudest accomplishments, however, is in the firm advocacy I have taken for a strengthened Democracy in Dominica.

After an early childhood in the United States, six years teaching in Africa and working with a number of NGOs, I returned to Dominica and settled in my home town of LaPlaine. I became engaged in sports organizing and management, a field in which I had obtained a Bachelor degree. I went on to obtain my Master’s Degree in Education and began working toward a PhD at Columbia University. My passion and dedication to improve my constituency and country took me down a different path.

The people of La Plaine, Boetica and Delices called upon me for representation in the nation’s parliament. Elected as their member of parliament in 1995, I delivered the Sports Complex in La Plaine; the Pipeborne Water System in Boetica; and the Petite Savanne Road in Delices.

I was recalled to contest once again, by popular demand, after the shocking election “corruption” of 2009. I am more energized than ever, connected and eager to play my part in Team Dominica’s “Change is a must” agenda for agricultural revival, eco-tourism boost, construction expansion and a sporting/cultural focus that will bring jobs and new hope to the southeast.

My extensive experience enables me to bring fresh ideas, new approaches and plans for my country. I maintain positive relations with my people at home and abroad and I believe wholeheartedly that the plentiful God given assets of the Constituency can be maximized to bring about positive changes for our youth.

Plans for Constituency:

  • Opportunities for the youth
  • Sports and recreation
  • Eco tourism
  • Education
DLP = Dominica Labour Party; UWP = United Workers Party; IND = Independent Candidate; *incumbent; ** Political Leader
Electoral Office of the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica
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