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Government as an Institution:

Concept of government - democracy, adult suffrage, factors that influence people to vote or not to vote.

Types of government systems - crown colony, constitutional monarchy, republicanism.

Structure of government - unicameral, bicameral, the composition of parliament.

  - Legislature - making laws, how laws are made.

  - Executive
      - making policy
      - Cabinet responsibility for administration
      - Ministers of government.

  - Functions of Governments
      - raise revenue through direct and indirect taxation;
      - provide social services welfare, education, health; public utilities;
      - manage the finances of the country (budgeting);
      - maintain law and order; create employment opportunities;
      - maintain international relations;
      - defend the nation-state.

   - Judiciary - interpreting the law; administering the law - law courts.

Types of electoral systems in the Commonwealth Caribbean

  - proportional representation

  - first past the post/simple majority.

Source: Caribbean Examinations Council. 2000.

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