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Maria Agard
(9 December 1966 - )
Maria Michelle Agard, MP
Former Member of Parliament, Barbados

Maria Michelle Agard is a Barbadian politician and a former Member of Parliament.

Early life and education

Born 9 December 1966, and educated at Erdiston Primary, Queen’s College, and the University of the West Indies where she earned the Bachelor of Science, and Doctor of Dental Surgery degrees Maria first indulged her true love and passion, teaching at St Leonard’s Boys and St. James Secondary Schools, the Barbados Community College and the Faculty of Medical Science St Augustine UWI.


Now Principal of Aastra Dental Care, one of several companies she created this entrepreneur has served both community and country. She was Vice President Rotoract Club of Barbados South, 1990-1991; Director, Millennium Heights Association from 2007 until 2011 and Charter member of the Progressive Optimist Club of Barbados. She is a Justice of the Peace, (JP) and has gained invaluable insight into government administration and financial management as Deputy Chairperson; Board of Management Garrison Secondary School 2003 – 2008 and Board Director, Grantley Adams International Airport Inc. 2003 – 2008. She is a member of Women of the Fruitful Vine, an organization servicing orphans of HIV/AIDS.

She officially joined the Barbados Labour Party in 1998 and under the revered MP and national statesman, Sir Henry Forde, immediately put her considerable talents to work in Christ Church West as speaker and Platform Co-coordinator during the 2003 and 2008 General Elections; President and Vice-President of the Christ Church West Constituency Branch; National Council Representative,  Coordinator of the Christ Church division of the Southern Zone, Public Relations Officer, Assistant General Secretary, Head of the fund raising arm of the BLP, Network 111and currently 2nd Vice Chairman of the Party.

Agard was elected to the Barbados House of Assembly in the 21 February 2013 General Election.

In 2015, she was expelled from the BLP and now sits as an Independent Member in Parliament.

On 14 Febraury 2018, Agard announced that she is now a member of the United Progressive Party (UPP). She also declared herself leader of opposition business in the House for the UPP.

She did not seek re-election in the 24 May 2018 General Election.

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Maria Agard
Occupation Dentist, Politician
Date of Birth 9 December 1966
Place of Birth Barbados
Notable Accomplishments
Former Member of Parliament, Barbados: 2013 - 2018
Barbados Barbados
United Progressive Party (2018 - present)
Independent (2015 - 2018)
Barbados Labour Party (-2015)

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