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Pierre Théoma Boisrond-Canal
(12 June 1832 – 6 March 1905)
Pierre Théoma Boisrond-Canal

Pierre Théoma Boisrond-Canal was a Haitian politician who served as the President of Haiti three times.

Early life

Pierre Théoma Boisrond-Canal was born on 12 June 1832 in the town of Les Cayes. His military career began as an officer from 1858 to 1867 under President Fabre Geffrard. He became a farmer after his retirement and lived a very involved political life on Port-au-Prince.


His political career began in 1870 when he was elected senator in Port-au-Prince. He was again re-elected until 1875. After the riots of May 1875, he went into exile in Kingston, Jamaica for a few weeks. On his return he was appointed commander of the army in the Ouest Department by President Michel Domingue. On 23 April 1876, he replaced Michel Domingue as the first president of the provisional government, before becoming President of Haiti non-provisionally on 17 July 1876. The 1867 Constitution gave him a mandate of four years. During Boisrond-Canal's administration, tensions in domestic politics and foreign affairs grew, particularly because of the differences between liberal and nationalist parties in Parliament. Following a stormy debate in the House of Representatives on 30 June 1879, there were riots in Port-au-Prince in which the Liberal leader Jean-Pierre Boyer-Bazelais played a significant role. Although the government managed to restore law and order, Boisrond-Canal resigned as president on 17 July 1879, unable to mediate between the Liberal and National parties. The successor to the presidency was Lysius Salomon. After his resignation, Boisrond-Canal left again in exile in Jamaica.

After Boisrond-Canal's return from exile and Salomon's resignation on August 10, 1888, Boisrond-Canal was again named Acting President of Haiti. He was succeeded as president by Francois Denys-Legitime on 16 October 1888. On 26 May 1902, Boisrond-Canal was appointed successor to Tirésias Simon Sam as new interim president of Haiti. On 17 December 1902 Pierre Nord Alexis became his successor.

Boisrond-Canal was one of the most influential politicians of his time in Haiti and significantly influenced Haitian politics even when not serving as president.


He died in Port-au-Prince on 6 March 1905. He was 72

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Pierre Théoma Boisrond-Canal
Occupation Politician
Date of Birth 12 June 1832
Place of Birth Les Cayes, Haiti
Date of Death 6 March 1905 (aged 72)
Place of Death Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Notable Accomplishments
President of Haiti: 23 April 1876 – 17 July 1879; 26 May 1902 – 21 December 1902
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