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Samuel Joseph
Hon. Dr. Samuel Joseph
Opposition Parliamentarian, Monstserrat

Samuel Joseph is a politician and a current Member of Parliament in Montserrat.

Early life and Education

Dr. Samuel “Sammy” Joseph is a son of Richard 'John’ Joseph and Yolande Joseph, of Harris’ Village, Montserrat.

Educated at the University of the West Indies (UWI) and Baylor Unive...rsity in Texas, Dr. Joseph holds a PhD in Physics (2009), a Master’s in Computational Physics (2001) and first class honors in Mathematics (1999). He was one of the ten students accepted into the High Energy Physics postgraduate Diploma programme (2001) at the prestigious ICTP institution in Trieste, Italy and was the first black student to graduate with a PhD in Physics from Baylor University. Dr. Joseph credits his teachers at the St. George’s Primary School and the Montserrat Secondary School for laying the foundation of discipline and intellectual curiosity that allowed him to achieve academic success.

As a PhD student at Baylor University he became interested in fair treatment for graduate students and student workers and served as the Physics representative to the Graduate Student Association (GSA). In this capacity, he fought for and obtained the right for students to query their test results. Later, he was elected as treasurer of the GSA and during his tenure he was instrumental in successful negotiations in obtaining better health insurance coverage for graduate students.


Upon the completion of his doctorate in Physics, he was faced with the decision to stay in the United States and continue his contributions to academia or return to Montserrat and invest his energies there. Choosing to invest in the soil that nourished him, Dr. Joseph returned to Montserrat in 2010 as an educator at the Montserrat Secondary School (MSS) and the Montserrat Community College (MCC). While teaching courses in Mathematics, Physics and Statistics, he managed and coached the basketball team MSS Warriors and established a new basketball team, the Assassins. Over the past two years he served as Staff Sponsor and coached the Montserrat debating team, the champions of the Leeward Island Debating competition.

Believing that Montserratians could leverage their ICT skills to draw business from the global community, Dr. Joseph along with his brother Daniel Joseph and Manish Valechha, established Montserrat's first software company, Lavabits. He later continued to invest in the development of ICT skills and businesses in Montserrat as a member of the National ICT Committee and as a teacher and mentor to the Young Enterprise business startup Dropkik Developers. In addition, he has served as a member of the committee responsible for organising Montserrat's first national science fair.

Joseph unsuccessfully contested the 2014 general election for Movement fo Change and Prosperity (MCAP). Following the resignation of MCAP Leader and former Premier Reuben Meade, Joseph contested and retained the seat for MCAP in the 30 January 2017 by-election. He currently sits as an opposition Member of Parliament.

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Reuben Meade
Occupation Politician, Educator
Place of Birth Montserrat
Notable Accomplishments
Member of Parliament, Montserrat: 30 January 2017 - Present
Legislative Assembly of Montserrat
Movement for Change and Prosperity

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