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Choiseul (I)
1979   CALDERON, Evans Saint Lucia Labour Party 58.99% SLP hold
1982   CHARLES, S. Brian United Workers Party 51.31% UWP gain
1987a   - Saint Lucia Labour Party 51.22% SLP gain
1987b   - Saint Lucia Labour Party 51.25% SLP hold
1992   BOUSQUET, Rufus George United Workers Party 56.03% UWP gain
1997   JOHN, Ferguson Saint Lucia Labour Party 54.57% SLP gain
2001   JOHN, Ferguson Saint Lucia Labour Party 51.62% SLP hold
2006   BOUSQUET, Rufus George United Workers Party 50.81% UWP gain
2011   THEOPHILIUS, Lorne Saint Lucia Labour Party 50.87% SLP gain
2016   FELIX, John Bradley United Workers Party 58.06% UWP gain
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Constituency Mao

North Commencing at the mouth of the L’Ivrogne River thence in a south-easterly direction along the coast to the mouth of the Doree River.
South Thence in a north-easterly direction along the Doree River to a part where it leaves the Choiseul – Laborie quarter boundary thence north-westerly and north-easterly along the Choiseul – Vieux Fort quarter boundary thence south-easterly along the Vieux Fort – Soufriere quarter boundary to its intersection with the Micoud quarter boundary thence north-easterly and north-westerly along the Soufriere quarter boundary to its intersection with the Roseau River.
East Thence south-westerly and north-westerly along the Soufriere quarter boundary to its intersection with Ravine Desraches.
West Thence south-westerly in a straight line to the source of Ravine Toraille, thence south-westerly along Ravine Toraille to its intersection with Fond St Jacques – La Perle Road thence southward along the Migny River to a track, thence along the track passing west of Esperance Estate to Bois D’Inde Road thence along Bois D’inde road to the Etangs – Fond St Jacques Road thence along Etangs – Fond St Jacques Road to the Soufriere – Choiseul main road thence westerly along the Soufriere – Choiseul main road to its intersection with the St Remy – Union Vale road thence southerely along the St Remy Road to its intersection with the L’Ivrogne River thence South-westerly along the said River to the point of commencement.
Polling Division Areas
I1 La Pointe, Delcer, Industry, Franciou, Jacobie, Ravineau, Bois D’inde, Esperance West, Fiette West, Myers Bridge, Derriere Morne West, Anse L’ Ivrogne, Deville Estate.
I2 Anse John, Fiette East, Portalese, Mongouge, Morne Sion, Libereaux, Martin, Ponyon, New Field, Victoria, Esperance East, Derriere Morne East.
I3 Le Riche, Savanne George, Choiseul Village, Reunion, La Fargue.
I4 Belle Vue, Morne Jacques, Des Randeaux, Dacretin, Manana, Victoria, Mailly.
I5 Motete, Mondesir, Roblot, Dupre, La Maze, River Doree, Debreuil, Monzie.
I6 Sauzay, Cafeiere, Capognotte, Dugard, Dacretin.
I7 La Perle, Londonderry, Gertrine, Giraud, Beausoliel, Beausejour.
I8 Mont Lezard, Parc Estate, Saltibus, Daban, Gaya Bois, Warwick, Grande Magazin, Belvedere East.
I9 Piaye, Balembouche, Balca, Bongale.

SLP = Saint Lucia Labour Party; UWP = United Workers Party; IND = Independent; *Incumbent; **Political Leader

Saint Lucia Electoral Department
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A  Gros Islet
B  Babonneau
C  Castries North
D  Castries East
E  Castries Central
F  Castries South
G  Anse-La-Raye/Canaries
H  Soufriere
I  Choiseul
J  Laborie
K  Vieux-Fort South
L  Vieux-Fort North
M  Micoud South
N  Micoud North
O  Dennery South
P  Dennery North
Q  Castries South East
SLP Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP)
UWP United Workers Party (UWP)
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