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General Election Results - 8 September 2009

The general election took place in Montserrat on Tuesday, 8 September 2009, two years earlier than constitutionally necessary.  The nine seats were contested by four parties - the Movement for Change and Prosperity (MCAP) led by Reuben T.  Meade with a full slate of nine candidates;  the Montserrat Labour Party (MLP) led by Idabelle Meade with three candidates; the Montserrat Reformation Party (MRP) led by Adelina Tuitt with two candidates; and the Funny Ways Party (FWP) with Sylvia White-Gabriel as its sole candidate.  Nine independent candidates also contested the elction.

A 66% turnout of the 3,516 registered voters, in a well-organised and orderly election, resulted in Joseph Easton Taylor-Farrell receiving the highest number of votes, with five of his fellow MCAP candidates also receiving seats.  The remaining seats went to three independent candidates including the outgoing Chief Minister Lowell Lewis.  The Movement for Change and Prosperity hold a parliamentary majority in the Government, led by Mr Reuben Meade.  Donaldson Romeo became Leader of the Opposition.  For Meade, the result marks a return to the highest political office in this British Overseas Territory, having previously served as Chief Minister from 1991-1996.

A new constitution for Montserrat came into force on 27 September 2011.  The role of Premier replaced that of Chief Minister, and the Legislative Assembly replaced the Legislative Council. Reuben Meade became the first Premier under the new constitution.

Critical Dates
Dissolution of Parliament Nomination Day Polling Day
Tuesday, 16 June 2009 Tuesday, 18 August 2009 Tuesday, 8 September 2009
Party Code Votes % votes Candidates Seats
Movement for Change and Prosperity MCAP 10,139 52.64% 9 6
Montserrat Labour Party MLP 2,011 10.44% 3 0
Montserrat Reformation Party MRP 954 4.95% 2 0
Funny Ways Party FWP 140 0.73% 1 0
Independents IND 6,017 31.24% 9 3
Total 19,261 100% 24 9
Ballots Amount
Valid Ballots 2,459
Invalid Ballots 27
Total Ballots Cast 2,486
Registered Voters 3,331
Voter Turnout 74.63%  
Votes by Candidates
Candidate Party Total % Ballots % Votes
Winner Joseph FARRELL MCAP 1,472 63.6% 7.6%
Winner Charles KIRNON MCAP 1,363 58.9% 7.1%
Winner David OSBORNE MCAP 1,148 49.6% 6.0%
Winner Colin RILEY MCAP 1,140 49.2% 5.9%
Winner Reuben MEADE MCAP 1,139 49.2% 5.9%
Winner Donaldson ROMEO IND 1,059 45.7% 5.5%
Winner Jermaine WADE MCAP 1,043 45.1% 5.4%
Winner Lowell LEWIS IND 1,000 43.2% 5.2%
Winner Victor JAMES IND 999 43.2% 5.2%
  Leroy GREAVES MCAP 990 42.8% 5.1%
  Roselyn CASSELL-SEALY MCAP 987 42.6% 5.1%
  Herman FRANCIS MCAP 857 37.0% 4.4%
  David TUITT IND 808 34.9% 4.2%
  Idabelle GRIFFITH-MEADE MLP 791 34.2% 4.1%
  Alric J. TAYLOR MRP 706 30.5% 3.7%
  Margaret DYER-HOWE MLP 650 28.1% 3.4%
  Warren CASSELL IND 631 27.3% 3.3%
  Chedmond BROWNE MLP 570 24.6% 3.0%
  John PONTEEN IND 559 24.1% 2.9%
  Alaric LYNCH IND 446 19.3% 2.3%
  Christopher LEE IND 310 13.4% 1.6%
  Adelina TUITT MRP 248 10.7% 1.3%
  Bennette ROACH IND 205 8.9% 1.1%
  Sylvia WHITE-GABRIEL FWP 140 6.0% 0.7%
  Total   19,261
Members of the Legislative Council
The unicameral Legislative Assembly compries 11 seats - 9 members popularly elected to serve five-year terms; the Attorney General and Financial Secretary sit as ex-officio members. The Council was constited as follows:
Representative Party
Reuben T. MEADE Movement for Change and Prosperity
Easton TAYLOR-FARRELL Movement for Change and Prosperity
Charles KIRNON Movement for Change and Prosperity
David OSBORNE Movement for Change and Prosperity
Colin RILEY Movement for Change and Prosperity
Jermaine WADE Movement for Change and Prosperity
Donaldson ROMEO Independent
Lowell LEWIS Independent
Victor JAMES Independent
Teresina BODKIN Speaker (from April 2010)
AIC = Alliance of Independence Candidates; MCAP = Movement for Change and Prosperity; PDM = People's Democratic Movement; IND = Independent Candidate; *incumbent; ** Political Leader


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