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Our team is committed to the principle that quality health care is a fundamental human right. The Shortage of linen, pharmaceuticals, low staff morale, a shortage of nurses, confusion with junior doctors, and near anarchy which now plague the QEH will be addressed as a matter of priority.

We will:

  • Encourage the promotion of Healthy life styles in the prevention of disease.
  • Establish an NGO desk in the Ministry of Health.
  • Review the proposal for management of the QEH
  • Improve the quality of and delivery of meals at the QEH.
  • Increase the number of Physiotherapists and Occupational therapists at the QEH.
  • Increase the number of the nursing staff at the QEH and undertake a re-grading of the nursing profession.
  • Review the allowances paid to nurses for night duty and hazard duty.
  • Improve and replace diagnostic, operating and other equipment and machinery at the QEH.
  • We will enter into negotiations with BAMP in order to reach an agreement which would provide “security of tenure” for doctors working in the health system on a yearly contracts basis.
  • Set up a Center for Disease Control with a mandate to research, monitor and educate the Barbadian society on the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases like HIV/AIDS, diabetes, hypertension, kidney and heart disease.
  • Improve and replace diagnostic, operating and other equipment and machinery at the QEH.
  • Vigorously pursue the strategy of decentralizing primary health care services with an emphasis on community
  • Construct polyclinics at Gall Hill, St. John, Belleplaine St. Andrew and Horse Hill St. Joseph.
  • Reopen a hospital in the North - to be named in honour of our first female Governor General, Dame Nita, who was a nurse of worldwide repute - to cater to accident and emergencies, and long term convalescent care and recuperation.
  • Enforce a silent zone around our Hospitals. Starting with a 6pm - 6am restriction of traffic in front of the QEH.
  • Maintain and expand dental health services with greater emphasis placed on dental health education.
  • Restructure the Drug Service in conjunction with the Pharmacists and Doctors, with a view of making it more patient friendly, efficient and cost effective.
  • Review and return to the Drug Formulary those medications critical to the well-being of our elderly.
  • Provide allowances for those in need to acquire dental braces and eye glasses.
  • Strengthen the Engineering Division of the Ministry; complete the South Coast Sewage Project and start the West Coast Sewage Project.


While the number of persons treated for substance abuse has increased dramatically, and cocaine addiction has emerged as a major problem, we continue to treat these addicts as criminals, rather than persons in need of help. We will ensure that such persons receive quality health care in an environment that is conducive to rehabilitation.

We will:

  • Remove the Drug Rehab Center from the Psychiatric Hospital to a more serene environment and staff it with social workers to assist persons who have received short term sentences.
  • Increase funding to Government sponsored as well as NGO's anti-drug programmes and education.
  • Increase the resources of our Police Force and Coast Guard and focus on the area of interdiction and the flow of drugs into the island.


  • Build a new Psychiatric Hospital and restructure the delivery of mental health services in keeping with first-world standards. The dehumanizing spectacle we now see of sad faces behind green bars along Black Rock will disappear.
  • Encourage families to care for their relatives at home by giving tax allowances.


  • Train ambulance personnel as para-medics.
  • Decentralize the Ambulance service.
  • Purchase more ambulances, stretchers and other equipment and increase staff levels at the Ambulance Service.


  • Upgrade the fleet at the SSA and introduce a preventative maintenance programme.
  • Provide employees with protective clothing.
  • Promote Safety and health awareness among staff and the public.
  • Improve the garbage collection ability of the SSA by providing more vehicles and tools.


Solid waste disposal is one of the most serious problems facing our country, so much so that our entire water supply on the West Coast is now under threat, from seepage of leachate from the Mangrove Dump. This is the famous Mount Stinkeroo that the BLP promised to clean up. We note that nine years have passed and nothing has happened but further expansion.

We will move speedily to deal with this looming crisis.

  • Incineration will be the method of choice to solve our solid waste problems. With private sector involvement, we will undertake the establishment of incineration plants.
  • The proposed Landfill at Greenland will never open under a DLP government. This area will be turned into a heritage park.
  • Provide the necessary bins and educational materials to households to encourage separation of garbage and recycling at source.
  • Provide financial incentives for the development of recycling companies. This would be a source of new employment and economic activity, as there is a world wide market for recycled products.


We believe that Barbadians are entitled to breathe clean air, be assured of a reliable supply of healthy drinking water and should enjoy a physical environment which is not stripped of its greenery.

We have never wavered in our commitment to prudent management of our natural resources and by extension, to environmental management. We are therefore of the view that optimal economic social and human development can only be achieved by integrating environmental considerations into the process.

We are of the view that while each member of our society has the right to enjoy the environment, he/she has the responsibility to protect it.

We will:

  • Heighten public awareness, and encourage regional co-operation on the effects of global warming, with particular attention to the Caribbean.
  • Ensure that development takes place in harmony between the physical and social environment, to secure a future for generations to come.
  • Give incentives to companies which manufacture bio-degradable bags and
    encourage all Barbadians through public awareness programmes, especially business houses, to issue and package in bio-degradable bags.
  • Continue to re-examine and redraft, where necessary, relevant environmental legislation, as an integral part of achieving sustainable development.
  • Encourage the planting of Mangroves to protect the shoreline and to extract the pollutants from the soil before those pollutants contaminate the marine life.
  • Use our marine security forces to police the coastal areas to prevent illegal dumping.
  • Give additional support to the Barbados Coast Guard.
  • Set up a Flood Management Unit in the Ministry to address flooding.
  • Adopt a zero tolerance policy on illegal dumping.
  • Upgrade public parks, gardens, and identify additional sites for such amenities, based on natural and historical attraction, population density and community need.
  • Actively encourage the use of environmentally friendly products and recycling in all sectors.
  • Concessions will be given to companies that make a sustained and meaningful effort to incorporate these strategies into their production process.
  • Introduce legislation for a Clean Air Act to limit pollution of our natural resource.
  • Introduce legislation to limit noise pollution within certain jurisdictions.

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