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Democratic Labour Party Manifesto 2003
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We view the community as an extension of the family. Defined in its broadest terms, our objective of community development is to identify and mobilise the resources (financial, labour, expertise, ideas and time) of the community to enable the community to improve its quality of life and achieve its goals.

We will:

  • Promote the Neighborhood Watch Programme as not only a system to fight crime, but to build relationships within the community.
  • Set up counseling agencies at the community level.
  • Utilise the skills of influential community leaders, clergymen, public officers, sports and other leaders to become good role models, and build relations across communities.
  • We will encourage the development of Community Councils which will be concerned with the management and implementation of programmes in:
    1. Environmental protection.
    2. Consumerism.
    3. Building relationships between the youth and elderly.
    4. Small business development.
    5. The establishment of cooperatives.
    6. Crime watch.
    7. Cultural and sports development.
  • Invite the Community Development Council to play a major role in referral of problems to the appropriate agency and liaising with agencies such as the BYC, NCF, schools, churches.
  • Establish a National Community Development Week.
  • Open Community Centers to the communities they serve and plan and execute after-school and adult programmes in conjunction with CBO's and NGO's.


We value the importance of sports in sustaining our national esteem. Sports promotes physical and mental health, provides alternatives to anti-social behaviour while fostering cohesion, and co-operation. We therefore see sports as a means of human and social development, which teaches responsibility and plays an important role, not only in physical, but in social and psychological development as well.

Sports inculcates values such as dedication, relationship building, respect for family and team spirit.

Historically, the approach of the Democratic Labour Party to the development of sports has been to facilitate the efforts of voluntary organisations and to provide financial assistance.

We will:

  • Offer tax concessions to organizations and private sector companies that sponsor sports teams and events and give leave to employees who represent their country.
  • Provide assistance for individuals who are selected to represent Barbados to train and travel.
  • Restructure the National Sports Council and provide it with the resources to carry out its mandate of implementing a National Sports Plan.
  • Under this plan, we will:
    1. Appoint a Sports Coordinator for each parish.
    2. Identify a Sports Centre in each parish and implement a structured programme for the development of sports and sport-related activities.
    3. Upgrade all secondary and primary school grounds and appoint a curator.
    4. Appoint a trained and dedicated sports master at each school.
  • Construct two mini-stadiums. One in the East and one in the North.
  • Encourage - with state television and radio leading the way - more broadcasting of general and indigenous sporting events.
  • Establish a National Hall of Fame into which outstanding national sports persons would be inducted.
  • Monitor the contribution from the lotteries to the sporting bodies to ensure fairness.
  • Increase where necessary contributions to national sporting organizations.
  • Encourage more young people to get involved in athletics and give further support for the special Olympics movement.
  • Expand our marketing thrust in Sports Tourism.
  • Give full support to the WIBC and BCA to facilitate the hosting of cricket World Cup in 2007.
  • Undertake an in-depth study to explore the feasibility of professional sports as a means of employment for the youth and upliftment of our local coaches.
  • Establish a National Sports Scholarships Programme and award 2 scholarships annually.


Our culture is our way of life - the way we walk, the way we talk, the way we dance, the things we eat, the way we worship - need we say more? It is our LIFE!

At the foundation of our policy on culture is our commitment to our indigenous cultural identity. The complexity of our national culture results from a combination of our multi-cultural history, and the fact that our nation operates and forms part of a wider regional and global family and community that has ever-increasing influence over us. This threatens the maintenance of several elements of our culture, which are uniquely Barbadian.

We believe that our cultural identity forms the core of our national identity; hence our indigenous cultural patterns and practices must be valued, protected and developed. We must also value those progressive elements which now form part of culture but which may not be uniquely ours, but are beneficial to our national development.

We recognise culture as shaping the social relations of all the members of society, hence a policy on culture must be continually reassessed for its relevance and benefit.

With this as our guiding principle, we will:

  • Support fully the programmes of the National Cultural Foundation.
  • Increase the financial support for the NCF.
  • Support the development of a National Film Institute that will create and promote local TV programming for the imaging of Barbadian role models.
  • Encourage and give financial support to a Music Development Agency, which would look at creating and aggressively marketing a national beat, and work with international music producers to earn foreign exchange.
  • Provide duty free access for the components necessary to develop a modern, viable recording industry, utilizing the latest technology.
  • We will package and aggressively market our cultural product, by appointing a cultural officer at the Barbados Tourism Authority.
  • Accord the Crop-Over Festival the national recognition it deserves and provide the funding necessary for its marketing and development. The NCF should not be competing with the calypso tents, Kadooment bands and other cultural entities for sponsorships.
  • Provide duty free access to bona fide cultural groups for importation of materials for Crop-Over.
  • Award one scholarship annually to Barbadian designers and producers for study and development, so that we safeguard our uniquely Barbadian festivals.
  • Remove VAT from calypso tent shows during Crop-Over.
  • Remove VAT from 100% Bajan shows.
  • Award two scholarships for the Arts annually - performing and visual.
  • To encourage a vibrant cultural industry, we will have to upgrade our infrastructure.

We will:

  • Modify a number of school halls, and install the required seating, lighting and other stage equipment to provide venues for the performing arts.
  • Establish craft markets that would provide outlets for our artists and other crafts-people.
  • Restore the Empire Theater as a national auditorium for the arts.
  • Encourage and give support to village and community fairs and exhibitions.
  • Finally, we will initiate National Cultural Education programmes at all levels in the society to aid in the process of relationship building across members and generations in our society. This program will especially focus on cultural and historical story telling in schools and community centers by member of our elderly population.

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