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The Democratic Labour Party recognises that Barbados can only achieve its goals of peace, development and democracy in conditions of stability, which in turn requires adequate defence and security arrangements.

The Democratic Labour Party fully supports the Regional Security System, and recognises that the local and regional community must be prepared to respond to hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters which occur from time to time. We further recognise that there are man-made disasters such as oil pollution, toxic waste, aircraft accidents, and environmental degradation and abuse of land and sea.

The DLP will continue to support and maintain a well-trained, highly motivated Defence Force.

We will:

  • Review the pension arrangements for the staff of the BDF.
  • Strengthen the Barbados Coast Guard by providing a Helicopter for better surveillance of our coastline and rescue operations.
  • Improve the career prospects and provide counseling and welfare services for ordinary ranks.


Crime remains the source of greatest concern for Barbadians. Our Police Force stands on the frontline between the public and the criminal element. They need the support of all Barbadians and we will give them their Fair Share.

Our policy is designed to build relations, trust and respect, and to encourage greater interaction between the police and the community. We believe that if the concept of community policing is to take its true meaning, then the role of the police has to change, and the police have to be seen as part of the community.

Under a DLP administration, the role of the police will be redefined to allow the police to understand the needs of the community and to perform multiple roles such as protector, teacher, counselor, liaison officer, initiator, facilitator and enabler.

We will:

  • Provide the resources necessary for the training and retraining of our police officers, locally and on assignments abroad.
  • Expose officers to training in community and social work.
  • Reduce the number of hours worked by the police or increase holiday entitlements.
  • Pay the Police better salaries.
  • Increase the allowances of the Police.
  • Provide training that would allow Special Constables to become Police Officers.
  • Make full-time stress management therapists available to the Police Force.
  • Increase the number of police officers.
  • Improve the terms and conditions of the police to reflect the status and importance of their new role.
  • Widen the career options for Police Officers.
  • Provide a special fund to upgrade and maintain equipment, facilities and other resources of the Police Force.
  • Provide the Force with all the modern crime fighting technology.

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