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Under a Democratic Labour Party government there will definitely be a future for Agriculture. In the new world of trade liberalization, Agriculture must be a critical part of any country's development. We must seek to feed ourselves and save foreign exchange by reducing our food import bill.

Agriculture also provides a means of employment that cannot be discounted.

A DLP Government will ensure that there is a link between our agricultural policy and our land policy. We therefore recommit ourselves to the process of diversification, and we will provide the fiscal incentives necessary for this policy direction.

The Democratic Labour Party believes that the Barbados Agriculture Society has a critical role to play in the development of our agricultural industry. We will therefore:

  • Increase the subsidy to the BAS
  • Increase the number of trained extension officers to work with the BAS.
  • Provide the Society with the necessary tools and technology for it to fulfill its mandate.
  • Completely rebuild Fairchild Street Market


A Democratic Labour Party Government will:

  • Secure 30,000 acres of good agricultural land for food crop production by requiring Parliamentary approval for change of use.
  • Encourage the further development of organic farming, by providing start-up loans. These farms can be profitable on small acreages of land.
  • Assist the marketing of organic fruit and vegetables within their niche markets and the tourism industry.
  • Make land in the Scotland district and other hilly areas, available to local farmers (traditional and non-traditional),for the development of fruit orchards.
  • Encourage increased output by small farmers, by providing all the technical and research necessary for such. One aspect of such output will depend on a primary processing facility - for the processing of raw materials.
  • Seek international assistance in setting up a modern cost effective processing facility with private sector (farmers) involvement.
  • Assist local agro-processors and cottage industries with the marketing, regionally and internationally for their products. For example, hot sauce, guava cheese, jams and jellies.


The Democratic Labour Party believes that sugar production must continue to be a part of the country's agriculture for several reasons. Some of these are:

  1. Being a grass, it controls soil erosion and protects the physical environment.
  2. Generates significant employment, that is sustainable.
  3. The possibility of producing multiple by-products, most notably rum.

We will therefore:

  • Further restructure the sugar industry. Increase the output to 60,000 tons maximum of sugar.
  • Provide support for rum, and other byproducts of sugar cane through tourism marketing drives.
  • Offer incentives to small farmers to encourage sugar cultivation such as assistance with transportation, inputs at special prices, as well as offer machines to load canes
  • Offer medium/long term loans at subsidised interest rates. Loan payments will be seasonal and not monthly.


Under a DLP administration, this sector will be encouraged to produce quality meat for Barbadian families. We will promote and encourage relationships between the agricultural sector and the tourism industry.

To encourage growth and development in the livestock sector, a DLP Government will:

  • Maintain 15,000 acres for livestock (dairy, beef, sheep, pigs).
  • Re-capitalize and modernize the Southern Meats Abattoir, invite farmers' organizations and/or cooperatives to participate in the equity financing and
    management of the project and acquire 100% ownership, with Government's original investment as a long term Capital loan.
  • Establish a National Health and Food Safety Authority, which would among other things:
    1. Restrict back-yard slaughtering to ensure that only inspected meat makes its way to Barbadians' tables.
    2. Monitor the growing and labeling of organic crops to ensure that what is marketed as such, meets the established standards.
    3. Monitor and develop standards for the importation and labeling of Genetically Modified Foods.
  • Offer incentives to farmers to preserve female animals to be used for reproductive purposes in pig and sheep farming.
  • Provide financial assistance to sheep farmers to expand their black belly flock.
  • Pursue an aggressive marketing programme for the sale and consumption of local lamb and mutton, after the production quotas reach acceptable numbers.
  • Provide the necessary incentives for the pig industry to expand to meet curre and future demand.
  • Utilize research in appropriate breeds and the use of artificial insemination to boost pig production.


  • Sink new wells across the county to catch run off water for use in irrigation.
  • Subsidize irrigation in arable areas currently run by BADMC and expand it where appropriate to areas outside the traditional agricultural belt.
  • Establish a special "agriculture rate" with the Barbados Water Authority, to be charged to registered farmers who are unable to access irrigation.


  • Use BADMC lands where appropriate and sub-divide with lots varying in size from 25 acres to 1/2 acre.
  • Offer Agriculture as a subject area at some secondary schools as we move toward specialization in education.
  • Agriculture will be an integral part of our RESTART (rehabilitative) and our JUMPSTART (adult education) programmes.


There is need for a complete overhaul of the industry and the DLP will provide the necessary incentives and subsidies to revitalize this industry.


Good agricultural properties have been going out of cultivation for a variety of reasons. In order to redress this trend, a Democratic Labour Party will embark on a policy where persons will lease idle land to Government who will in turn lease those lands to the landless for farming for a period. After the lease period, the land will return to the owner if he/she so desires. This will remove the risk of persons losing their land.

  • Where land is leased under this arrangement, only a chattel or mobile home will be allowed on these lands.
  • Work with the Rastafarian community and other groups like the 4H clubs to bring idle lands into production.
  • Provide support services to these groups in terms of technical and financial assistance.


Fisheries continue to be an important part of the economy. In addition to being a source of food, it provides employment, saves and earns foreign exchange. We therefore re-commit to modernizing the industry, and making it more efficient by improving the environment and infrastructure in which it functions.

We will:

  • Continue to seek a mutually satisfactory fishing agreement with, Caribbean countries, especially Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Effect improvement of facilities at Six Mens, Reeds Bay and Tent Bay;
  • Refurbish the Jetty at Oistins and the Bridgetown Fisheries complex
  • Amend the Fisheries Act in order to: improve regulations and safety at sea; conserve and protect the marine reserves and improve fish handling practices.
  • Improve and expand training and training facilities. Emphasis will be placed on fishing gear technology, new techniques, boat and engine maintenance, navigational techniques and safety practices, proper fish handling techniques, and conservation of the marine life.
  • Our JUMPSTART adult education programme will be used to teach the above courses in fisheries.

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