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General Election Results - 28 May 1990

Elections were held on 28 May 1990 for the 21 Representatives of the House of Assembly on the normal expiry of their term of office

The unicameral Parliament of Dominica, the House of Assembly, is composed of 21 elected Representatives, in single-member constituencies through a fisr-past-the-post system. Of the remaining eleven members, nine are appointed by the Head of State and two - the Speaker and the Attorney General - are ex-officio. The normal duration of the legislature is 5 years.

In the campaign for the 1990 general elections, the ruling Dominica Freedom Party (DFP), led by Prime Minister Mary Eugenia Charles, stressed the economic achievements of its administration (especially lower taxes and inflation) as well as advances in road construction and hydroelectric infrastructures.  The opposition, among other things, criticized the conservative Prime Minister’s authoritarian style.

On polling day, the DFP was returned to power in a surprisingly close outcome, losing six Representatives’ seats but retaining 11 of the 21 at stake.  The newly formed United Workers’ Party (UWP) came in second with six seats.  On this basis, Charles was sworn in for third consecutive term as Prime Minister.  In early June, the composition of the altered, 11-member Cabinet was announced.

Voter turnout was 66.64%.

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Total Valid Votes 33,442
Invalid Votes 251
Total Votes Cast 33,693
Population 71,000
Voting Age Population 42,742
Registered Voters 50,558
Voter Turnout 66.64%
Critical Dates
Dissolution of Parliament Nomination Day Polling Day
- - Monday, 28 May 1990
Summary by Party
Party Code Votes % votes Seats
Dominica Labour Party DLP 7,860 23.50% 4
United Workers Party UWP 8,979 26.85% 6
Dominica Freedom Party DFP 16,529 49.43% 11
Dominica Progressive Party DPP 74 0.22% 0
Total Valid Votes 33,442 100% 21
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Summary by Constituency
Constituency Registered Voters Total Votes Voter Turnout
Castle Bruce 1,993 1,276 64.02%
Colihaut 1,200 796 66.33%
Cottage 1,576 1,105 70.11%
Grand Bay 3,156 1,890 59.89%
La Plaine 1,933 1,399 72.37%
Mahaut 4,276 2,893 67.66%
Marigot 2,215 1,424 64.29%
Morne Jaune/ Riviere Cyrique 1,230 998 81.14%
Paix Bouche 2,090 1,447 69.23%
Petite Savanne 2,082 1,552 74.54%
Portsmouth 2,421 1,528 63.11%
Roseau Central 3,182 1,977 62.13%
Roseau North 4,790 2,843 59.35%
Roseau South 4,254 2,873 67.54%
Roseau Valley 1,312 932 71.04%
Salisbury 2,075 1,512 72.87%
Salybia 1,490 1,224 82.15%
St. Joseph 2,188 1,354 61.88%
Soufreire 3,015 1,931 64.05%
Vieille Case 1,777 1,238 69.67%
Wesley 2,303 1,501 65.18%
Total 50,558 33,693 66.64%
Elected Members of the House of Assembly
The Dominica House of Assembly has 32 members, 21 members elected for a five year term in single-seat constituencies, 9 appointed senators, the Speaker and 1 ex-officio member.
Constituency Representative   Party
Castle Bruce Romanus BANNIS   United Workers Party
Colihaut Clem A. SHILLINGFORD   Dominica Freedom Party
Cottage Alleyne J. CARBON   Dominica Freedom Party
Grand Bay Pierre CHARLES   Dominica Labour Party
La Plaine Heskeith A. ALEXANDER   Dominica Freedom Party
Mahaut Brian G.K. ALLEYNE   Dominica Freedom Party
Marigot Edison C. JAMES   United Workers Party
Morne Jaune/Riviere Cyrique Gertrude ROBERTS   United Workers Party
Paix Bouche Jenner B. M. ARMOUR   Dominica Freedom Party
Petite Savanne Urban BARON   Dominica Labour Party
Portsmouth Michael A DOUGLAS   Dominica Labour Party
Roseau Central M. Eugenia CHARLES   Dominica Freedom Party
Roseau North Allan A. GUYE   Dominica Freedom Party
Roseau South Ossie F. WALSH   Dominica Freedom Party
Roseau Valley Henry GEORGE   Dominica Freedom Party
Salisbury Earl M. WILLIAMS   United Workers Party
Salybia Worrel I. SANFORD   Dominica Labour Party
St. Joseph Doreen PAUL   United Workers Party
Soufriere Charles A. MAYNARD   Dominica Freedom Party
Vieille Case Maynard JOSEPH   Dominica Freedom Party
Wesley Edgar W. B. JEROME   United Workers Party
DLP = Dominica Labour Party; UWP = United Workers Party; IND = Independent Candidate; *incumbent; ** Political Leader
Electoral Office of the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica
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