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Gline Arley Clarke
(9 February 1951 - )
Gline Arley Clarke, JP, MP
Member of Parliament, Barbados

Gline Clarke is a seasoned Parliamentarian, trained teacher and businessman hailing from Newbury, St. George.

Early life and education

Gline Arley Clarke was born in Newbury, St. George, Barbados on 9 February 1951. A product of the Federal High School, he graduated from the University of the West Indies at Cave Hill in 1974 with a degree in Social Science and Political Science with History.


Clarke started teaching in 1970 at the St. Jude's Primary, he also taught at the St. George Secondary School and the Grantley Adams Memorial. He was a former "Principles of Business" Examiner with the Caribbean Examinations Council. He also had a brief stint at the Barbados O’ Level Institute.

He served as Vice Counsel and Liaison Officer at the Barbados High Commission in Canada from 1983-1987. In 1984, he became a founding member and first President of the Barbados Overseas Community – Canada Inc, the organization dedicated to promoting the heritage of Barbadians living abroad while supporting their adoptive home Canada.

On his return to Barbados in 1990, he assumed the position of Executive Assistant
to the then Leader of the Opposition, Henry - now Sir Henry - Forde. He worked with Mr. Forde from 1991-1993 and then Leader of the Opposition, former Prime Minister Owen Arthur, from 1993-1994.

At his first try at the polls in 1991, Clarke lost to Cyril Walker of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP).  In 1994, when he was first elected to Parliament, Gline Clarke served as Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Housing and Public Works with specific responsibility for the Ministry of Housing. On being re-elected in 1999, he served as Minister of Housing and Lands until 2003, and then as Minister of Public Works and Transport from 2003-2008.

Clarke’s major achievement in the Ministry of Housing was the 2003 amendments
to the Tenantry Free Hold Purchase Act that now permits residence in urban and
private tenantries across Barbados to own the land that they have lived on for decades at minimum cost. As Minister of Public Works, the Transport Authority Act was passed in 2007.

Clarke was re-elected to the Barbados House of Assembly in the 21 February 2013 General Election. He retained his seat in the 24 May 2018 election and will serve as the Deputy Speaker in the 2018-2023 Parliament.

Personal life

He played cricket for the Derbyshire (Cottage) team and is also active in competitive dominoes. He formed the Barbados Volleyball Association and was its first treasurer.

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Gline Clarke
Occupation Politician
Date of Birth 9 February 1951
Place of Birth Barbados
Notable Accomplishments
Deputy Speaker, House of Assembly of Barbados: 2018 - present
Member of Parliament, St. George North, Barbados: 1994 - present
Former Parliamentarian and Cabinet Minister, Barbados
Barbados Barbados
Barbados Labour Party

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